IDA 強髮造型啫喱 Revive Styling Gel

IDA 強髮造型啫喱 Revive Styling Gel

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「強」髮﹑造「型」雙效合一 Gel
IDA 強髮造型啫喱

其主要養髪成份Dermosaccharides® GY,是一種從海洋生物中萃取之原糖精華,能有效促進毛髮生長,再結合造型啫喱,具養護強髮﹑鞏固髮根﹑防止脫髮之功效。



  • 任何長短髪質
  • 頭髮過度濃密之人仕不建議使用
  • 未滿十二歲之兒童不建議使用
  • 斑秃﹑頭皮紅腫發炎,應暫停使用


  • 只需要當作日常造型產品般塗抹在頭髮上,不用刻意塗上頭皮,其中有效成份自會滲透至髪絲及髮根
  • 均勻地塗抹在頭髮上即可隨意造型
  • 可先用作打底,後再添加其他慣常使用之造型品
  • 軟硬適中的定型效果,極容易清洗,適合每日使用


Chic hairstyle is not merely we want, but also healthy hair. 
Infuse nutrition while styling daily
Robust x Chic 2 in 1 gel / (Robust plus Chic Gel)
IDA Revive Styling Gel

Dermosaccharides GY, the main ingredient, is a raw sugar extract from marine organisms. It can effectively promote hair growth. Conjoint with styling gel, it can provide nutrition to hair, that robust the hair roots and prevent hair loss.

IDA Revive Styling Gel possesses mild nature with medium styling effect, easy to clean and suitable for prolong usage.


  • Apply as normal hair styling products. Do not deliberately apply on scalp. The formulation will only penetrate to hair shaft and roots.
  • Evenly apply to hair
  • It can be used as base. You may also apply other styling products afterwards.
  • Medium hair styling effect. Suitable for daily use and easy to clean. 

Suitable for and use by:

  • All kinds of hair style
  • Person with Excessive hair is not recommended
  • Children under 12 years of age is not recommended
  • Alopecia areata and scalp inflammation should be suspended