IDA 摩洛哥堅果護髮精油  Argan Oil

IDA 摩洛哥堅果護髮精油 Argan Oil

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強韌、光澤、順滑、輕盈 讓髮絲享受大自然的滋潤


  •  適合任何髮質使用
  •  瞬間滲入髮絲,賦予頭髮無法媲美的光澤
  •  能修復各類型受損秀髮,為頭髮帶來奇妙的柔軟質感
  •  清爽不黏膩,使頭髮柔順易打理
  •  增強頭髮彈性,使纖細頭髮更具豐盈感
  •  持續使用,明顯改善髮質

當中成份蘊含豐富的維生素E,每公斤約700至900毫克(每公斤橄欖油的含量只有320毫克)及甾醇,三萜醇,多酚和胡蘿蔔素等,所佔的比例高於任何其他植物油脂。更蘊含EUFAs(人體必需的不飽和脂肪酸),如Omega 6和Omega 9,是世界上蘊含最豐富不飽和脂肪酸的堅果油之一


  • 減低化學品對秀髮的傷害---在燙髮及染髮前將適量IDA Argan oil塗上受損髮尾,能在染髮或燙髮過程中減低對秀髮的傷害,加強對秀髮的保護,營造亮滑髮色。
  • 配合風筒造出完美造型---於造型時塗上2-3滴IDA Argan oil,再用風筒造型,能令秀髮觸感輕盈,變得柔軟亮澤不打結。
  • 日常滋養---於乾旱受損髮絲使用2-3滴IDA Argan oil,為秀髮增添生氣並作出即時滋潤,撫平翹起髮絲。
  • 抗熱修護--- 使用直髮夾或電熱棒前,塗上數滴IDA Argan oil,可幫助抵抗熱力及修護秀髮。


IDA Argan Oil

Strengthen, Glossy, Smooth, Fluffy Cuticle Restore, incomparable shininess

Argan oil possesses outstanding revival capability. It can prevent moisture run-off and even counteract the damage from Free Radical, which allows more water lock-in hair and sustain in moisturize and softness condition.

  • Suitable for all kinds of hair
  • Instant penetration into hair, incomparable shininess
  • Repair various types of damaged hair. Marvelous hair softness
  • Refreshing and non-sticky, offers hair with smoothness and manageable
  • Enhance elasticity, volumize weak hair
  • Prolonged use can obtain prominent healthier hair result.

    It contains tremendous Vitamin E, approximately 700mg to 900mg/kg (Olive oil only contains 320 mg/kg). It also consists of other nutritive components such as, Sterols, Triterpene Alcohol, Polyphenol and Carotene. The possession of the foregoing nutrition is higher in Argan oil than any other botanic fat. In addition, it has ample EUFAs (an essential unsaturated fatty acid for body), such as Omega 6 and Omega 9 are family of Argan oil that possesses richest unsaturated fatty acid in the world, can effectively prevent skin and hair from premature aging.


  • Lessen the hair damage from chemical- Apply fair amount of IDA Argan oil onto damaged rear end before hair coloring or perming. It can lessen the hair damage from color processing or perming and strengthen the protection to hair, leaves the hair healthy, shiny and smooth.
  • Apply with hair dryer for perfect outlook- Apply 2-3 drops of IDA Argan oil during hair styling and use hair dryer for finishing. It offers hair with a sense of fluffiness, softness, shininess and smoothness.
  • Daily nourishment- Apply 2-3 drops of IDA Argan oil to dry hair. It revitalizes and instantly nourishes hair, along with taming the fly-aways.
  • Heat-resistance & repairing- Apply a few drops of IDA Argan oil to hair before straighten or curl processing. It can protect hair from heat and provides repairing function.