Hallmark Floral Water

Hallmark Floral Water

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花之甘露蘊含清新玫瑰花瓣精華,將鮮花及草本植物精華的芬芳傳遍每個角落。只需極少份量,隨即散發持久芬芳香味,令人心曠神怡 。


  • 多用途
  • 可隨身攜帶
  • 不含乙醇
  • 香味可持續大約3至6個小時


  1. 滴在溫水之中,可在家中自製花香spa,有舒緩壓力及釋放情感的作用。
  2. 塗在毛巾或衣物,不但隨時感受清新花香,更有助緩和污染物之影響。
  3. 塗於肌膚,芳香味道能叧疲勞消除,並有助穩定緊張情緒。
  4. 灑在個人物品,突顯個人品味,創造完全屬於你的私房味道。

60ml 花之甘露

香味: 玫瑰香

Hallmark Floral Water is the embodiment of ambrosial flowery aroma and refreshing pureness. It contains the combination of flower and botanical extracts and is a multi-functional solution to rejuvenate your living space and lifestyle.

Product features:

  • Multi-functional
  • Easy to carry around
  • Ethanol free
  • Scent last for 3 to 6 hours 

Ways of usage:

  1. You may add a little into your bath to make an aromatic spa
  2. Apply to towel or apparel to feel the flowery sensation anywhere, able to ease the impact from pollution
  3. Apply directly onto your skin for a revitalizing sensation
  4. Spread over your belongings to create your personal serene ambiance.
    Explore more creative ways to enjoy Hallmark Floral Water and relish in its sweet purity to relax and recharge your mind, body and soul.

Product Specification:
60ml Floral water

Scent: Rose