ADOM Deluxe Fragrance Set - Rose Garden

ADOM Deluxe Fragrance Set - Rose Garden

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玫瑰樂園 – 由玫瑰、紫羅蘭、天竺葵彌漫著浪漫之花語。

送給自己或身邊人一份關懷,欣然享受一份愉快,幸福美意,猶如四葉草之花語。  ADOM 香薰,聊表心意。

揮發棒數量 (可根據個人喜好放入):


  • 不易燃配方,安全使用
  • 簡單而優雅的包裝設計,為送禮佳品
  • 用法簡單,香氣持久,一般情況下香味可持續3-6個月
  • 性價比高,已加配1支補充裝

玻璃瓶X1 (內含 230ml香薰精油)+ 230mL香薰精油補充裝x1 + 揮發棒 X 5


Rose Garden - Blend of Rose, Violet and Geranium permeate the atmosphere with a sense of romance.

Give your companion or yourself a sense of caring, joy and happiness.
ADOM Deluxe Fragrance set, a way to express sincerity.

User direction:
Simply insert the provided reeds into the provided glass bottle
*The diffusion of scent is influenced by the size of area, temperature, and the quantity of reeds inserted
The quantity of reeds that you insert will vary the richness of scent:
1-2 branches = Slight of scent
3-4 branches = Moderate scent
5 branches = Rich scent

Product features:

  • Non-flammable formulation, safety assurance
  • Simple yet elegant package design, best selection for gift
  • Easy to use, long-lasting scent, last for 3-6 months in general
  • Good quality and performance in reasonable price, comes with one extra refill


Product Specification:
Glass bottle (contain 230ml fragrance) x 1 + 230ml fragrance refill x 1+ Diffuser reeds x 1 set (5 branches)